Renting A Wedding Tent? 4 Practical Steps To Take First


Renting a tent for your outdoor wedding reception is an excellent way to avoid weather problems and keep you and your guests comfortable. While most bridal couples focus on the decorating possibilities and challenges, there are a few practical items you need to accomplish before you set up your tent.

Prepare the Spot. If your wedding venue is used to having tents installed at their location, they already know the best places to put one. But if that's not the case — or if you don't like their preferred spot — make sure your tent can actually be erected where you want it. You'll need a solid, flat ground surface that extends beyond the actual dimensions of the tent. It should be at least 10 feet from other structures and provide easy access to guests.

Check the Views. A good tent location is a combination of practicalities of the surface and attractiveness of the locale. Walk around the selected location and look outward to check the view from all angles. If there's a less-than-stellar view on any side, you can often camouflage it. For instance, change the direction of the tent and plan to erect things like walls and columns to block out views. 

Talk to the Venue. Before you set out tent shopping, talk to the host venue (or property owner) about the rules you'll need to follow when using the tent. Are there noise restrictions? Can you stake directly into the ground? What utilities are available, and what will you need to provide yourself? How early can you erect the tent and when does it need to be removed? Understanding your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid wedding weekend conflicts and stress.

Learn About Tents. Now that you know where you can put the tent, it's time to learn about the tents themselves. Research online and with the party tent rental services to determine a comfortable tent size for your party. Ask about their catalog of tent shapes to choose from. Make a rough sketch of potential reception layouts. Then, learn about additional options so you can make the right decisions. There are many tent add-ons these days, including walls, flooring, side decoration, heating and cooling elements, and ceiling draping. 

Now you're ready to get serious about picking out and placing your reception tent. While it may take some effort to find the right setup, it will undoubtedly add romance and comfort to your big day. 


17 October 2018

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